The UK Arts industry is in turmoil! GS Creative want to kickstart the performing arts into the new normal, creating jobs, opportunities and much needed income for performing artists, creatives & technical staff. 
This campaign funds Dance & Music Projects, Dance Classes, Full Day Dance Intensives, Theatre Workshops, Talks & More. G.S Creative engages freelance Dancers, Photographers, Videographers, Musicians, Studio Hire, Lighting, Stylists, Make up artists, Costume designers and many more creatives, all who's work has been hugely affected by the pandemic, its restrictions and impact on the arts industry.

This project funds many talented creatives who have extreme skill in their field, giving them a job and a place to work. This also creates a way to give back to the arts community during this time where jobs are so scarce in the arts sector, and it will inspire others to continue creating and actively pursuing their hopes and dreams, showing strength during these tough times. 
This will be a continuous process leading to more awareness and a higher profile, to aid us in establishing ourselves and creating more opportunity for the arts on a larger scale. It is vital that creatives continue to come together to produce entertainment that can inspire our youth, and help give hope and positivity to all in these times. 

We need to get word out to all who want to see the arts industry thrive, join us on our journey and keep all our artists and creatives doing what they do best! We are currently generating Music and Dance Projects, Dance Classes, Theatre Intensives, Talks, Tv, Film, Live Performances, Theatre Shows & More.

If you would like to support our journey or take part in any aspect of the initiative Please donate to our GO FUND ME fundraiser 

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